Lantern Festival 11-12 November 2019

Chiangmai., Northern Study Center Maerim (75)

Lantern Festival 11-12 November 2019

E-Ticket for Sky Lanterns Festival November 11-12, 2019 @Northern Study Center Maerim, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Show Date: November 11-12, 2019

Province: Chiangmai, Thailand.

Extra Transfer round trip:  Meeting point  from 16:30-17:30

The Northern Study Center for this event is about 15 kilometers out of city or 30 minutes by road. Traveling time may affected by traffic due to number or visitors. This is their 4rd years of organizing this event. They are able to except 5,000 guests per day. Food and drink are provided in the event area. You will see culture, traditional dance, exhibition before the ritual ceremony start. The event area is available from 18:00 – 21:00, but the transfer is 16:30-17:30 in order for guest to be at the event early enough to enjoy activities around and food.