3rd Doi Thi Annual Lantern Festival

DoiTi Temple Lumphun province (75)

3rd Doi Thi Annual Lantern Festival

At 6.00 pm Northern traditional market at the lower hill of Doi Ti, experience the atmosphere of ancient Northern Thai market, selling Northern style food, traditional products and souvenirs

At 8.00 pm Move up to the elevated floor according to the ticket

At 8.30 pm Receive the Doi Ti’s monk’s rosaries

At 8.40 pm Nurturing mind and spirit with the blessing muntra from the monks

At 8.55 pm 5 minutes of private contemplation

At 9.00 pm light up the fire lanterns

At 9.05 pm Free the thousand sacred lanterns to the sky

At 9.30pm leisure time


Yee Peng Lantern Festival @LAMPHUN 2018 2,999฿

Free unlimited food and beverage

1 lanterns per person


Standard seat area

Watch the show and participate in various activities